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A&M Ruggedized Meters conform to the requirements of MIL-M-10304. RUGGEDIZED METERS are ideal for use in field communication or test equipment where severe environmental conditions are encountered. In industrial applications where moisture, extreme temperature or vibration may be a problem, the RUGGEDIZED METER can perform with no additional cost.


A&M Instruments manufactures a complete line of Switchboard Instruments for military or commercial applications. A&M hi-shock instruments are O- ring sealed to be completely waterproof  at no additional cost. All internal parts are protected from humidity and corrosion by our advanced sealing design. A&M is the only switchboard manufacturer to offer sealing in accordance with MIL-M-16034.


MMC Metrology Lab, Inc. repairs and/or replaces A&M Aerospace Instruments on a limited basis. Please call us at 800-288-1662 to check for availability of these instruments.


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