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The AMETEK / PMT model 89 pressure transducers have been specially designed to meet the needs of military and marine applications. They conform to the requirements and have been qualified (QPL) to MIL-P-24212C (SH) and MIL-D-24304B (SH). The model 89 transducers are directly interchangeable with all existing pressure transducers meeting these Mil-Spec requirements. However, these Mil-Spec requirements were declared inactive for “New Design” and are no longer used except for replacement purposes. For new design military applications MIL-T-24742 (SH) is to be used. The AMETEK / PMT model 742R and 742D (differential) have been tested and approved to the new design specification. They offer the same basic technical characteristics as the previous Mil-Spec transducers, but present about one half the footprint and one third the weight. 

MMC Metrology Lab is the sole stocking distributor for AMETEK / PMT’s Mil-Spec pressure transducers and has in excess of 250 qualified (QPL) transducers in inventory. We are also a factory authorized repair center and can provide related accessories and hardware.

Model 89; Gage, Vacuum, Compound or Absolute Pressure - MIL-P-24212C (SH) 

Model 89; Differential Pressure - MIL-D-24304B (SH)

Model 742R; Gage, Vacuum, Compound or Absolute Pressure - MIL-T-24742 (SH)

Model 742D; Differential Pressure - MIL-T-24742 (SH)

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