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Standard Ranges (90 Meters | Models: 135, 233, 235, 265, 266, 363, 365, 366)

Standard Ranges (250 Meters | Models: 2432, 2452, 3432, 3452 )

Model Number Description

General Specifications

Special Features


General Information

A&M RUGGEDIZED METERS conform to the requirements of MIL-PRF-10304F. All A&M RUGGEDIZED PANEL METERS carry a full (1) year warranty from date of shipment.

A&M Instrument can identify and supply meters to National Stock Numbers (NSN): Classes 1430, 4935, 5840, 6115, 6645,6665, and 6685. In addition, A&M can supply meters to Defense Agency Specification Prints such as Army Ordnance, Army Mobility Command, Army Signal Corps, Naval Ordnance, Bureau of Naval Weapons, and Air Force.

RUGGEDIZED METERS are ideal for use in field communication or test equipment where severe environmental conditions are encountered. In industrial applications where moisture, extreme temperature or vibration may be a problem, the RUGGEDIZED METER can perform with no additional cost.

The expanded scale technique of eliminating the unused portion of the scale, and expanding the selected range to the full spread of the scale can easily be applied to RUGGEDIZED METERS. Accurate readings (0.5%) or better) with improved resolution and readability are now obtainable for adverse environments. Expanded scale meters are available as Voltmeters, Ammeters, and Frequency Meters.

Ordering Information

Meters can be ordered be model number or "MR…" number description, since MIL-PRF-10304 completely defines the requirements covered by this specification. When ordering by model number, please specify range and scale desired.

If an application involves non-standard features such as a special scale, the "MR" number can be used as a reference but should read "similar to MR…"


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