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General Information

A&M Instruments manufactures a complete line of Ruggedized Panel Meters, Aircraft Instruments, and Switchboard Instruments for military or commercial applications. A&M hi-shock instruments are O-ring sealed to be completely waterproof  at no additional cost. All internal parts are protected from humidity and corrosion by our advanced sealing design. A&M is the only switchboard manufacturer to offer sealing in accordance with MIL-PRF-10304F. (exceeds requirements of MIL-DTL-16034B)

All A&M switchboard meters are taut-band suspension capable of withstanding the NAVY hi-shock test. The taut-band suspension provides excellent repeatability by virtually eliminating friction. 

Ordering Information

Meters can be ordered by model number or "MR…" number description, since MIL-DTL-16034 completely defines the requirements covered by this specification. When ordering by model number, please specify range and scale desired.

If an application involves non-standard features such as a special scale, the "MR" number can be used as a reference but should read "similar to MR…"


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