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 Standard Features Hi-Shock (MIL-I-17244E)


      Shock resistant to MIL-S-901C

      Vibration resistant to MIL STD-167D

      All stainless steel construction

      External recalibration adjustment

      Dished anti-parallax 3" dial with 2" or 4" stem length

      Accurate to 1% of scale range

      "-28 UN2A union connection assembly (use with well or bushing)

      All models are NAVSEA approved


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Price List

Range Stem Form Part No. Price
- 40/180F 2" Back E318A2 $175.00
- 40/180F 2" Bottom E31802 $175.00
- 40/180F 4" Back E318A4 $175.00
- 40/180F 4" Bottom E31804 $175.00
20/240F 2" Back E324A2 $175.00
20/240F 2" Bottom E32402 $175.00
20/240F 4" Back E324A4 $175.00
20/240F 4" Bottom E32404 $175.00
50/550F 4" Back E355A4 $175.00
50/550F 4" Bottom E35504 $175.00
 Options (Additional)
Navy type "ITM" Maximum and Minimum Indicating Hands (Resetable) $35.00




Note: Any other product/item would be priced on application.

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